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Meet Melissa...she is my first senior from the class of 2014.  Woo Hoo!  Melissa has a very edgy and unique style but when I told her our first stop on the shoot would be this tree filled woodsy area, she brought out this very cute sun dress that showed her soft girly side.  She was so fun and so brave despite all the little critters that were out in this

  All I have to say about this session is WOW!!  I had such a great time shooting Denise.  She was so fun and relaxed in front of the camera.  Not to mention that she is very easy on the eyes.  Can you all believe that she was afraid that the photos would not turn out well?  She told me that she didn't feel she was photogenic and that many of

Several months ago I wrote a blog post featuring my dear friend Max (<< click here to read that post), a beautiful and confident mature women.  My plan was to periodically feature post of this type, but I never revisited the idea because I didn't really know what I wanted to do with it.  Well God had planted a seed.  Even though I left it unattended, he continued to provide the