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I had an absolute incredible time photographing my friend Kim, but I must say it did add a whole new level of nerves being that she too is a professional photographer.  There was that extra pressure to really nail it, and if I must say so myself her photos came out incredibly well.  She really did make my job easy - I mean look at that smile.  It would be

I'm so excited about all the new things I have planned for Bailey5 Photography in 2014.  There is an amazing new product line up, which includes mounted prints, story boards, canvases, photo boxes, DVDs, personal apps and much more.  When you book your session with B5P, you will get a boutique, customized, and personal service, product and over all experience. You won't be satisfied with simply posting your photos on

I had the most amazing after noon with Kennedi and her "bad girl" crew.  Kennedi wanted to celebrate her sweet 16 with a themed photo shoot and it turned out great.  It was soooo cold but these young ladies handled it like a real trooper.  To me they look like a girl band - total ROCK STAR status.  Happy Birthday Kennedi!