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Well this post is very personal because it's about my beautiful daughter, Tyler.  It's her senior prom and in a few short weeks she will be graduating and going on to college.  We are so proud of her and can't wait to see what the future has in store and what her journey will be.  I will be posting her senior portraits soon but for now prom takes the spot

Shooting one beautiful senior is great but two is even better.  I had the chance to incorporate a BFF session with a senior portrait shoot a few weeks ago, and it was so much fun.  

Since winter will soon be a distant memory, I thought it only fitting that I bid goodbye by sharing one of the winter sessions that I shot a few weeks back.  Winter is my least favorite season but boy did my  senior model make it look "hott" to be cold. Only a few days until spring... so class of 2013 it is not too late to book your Senior Portrait

This is the second post for the shoot out I attended last month sponsored by Seniorologi and the Savvy Photographer.  This shoot made me very nostalgic for spring.  The pink and yellow are so bright and pretty not to mention this was an unseasonably sunny and warm day in January (sigh).  It's hard to believe that we are already near the end of yes SPRING is near!  

I had the opportunity to a attend a senior shoot out sponsored by two of my most favorite blogs (Seniorologi and the Savvy Photographer).  I met some very talented, inspirational, and beautiful women photogs and got to learn from and shoot along side of  a few of my long time photography idols : )  It was a great day, and I had the most amazing time.  I left feeling very

I have been so busy and have gotten very behind on my blog posts.  I'm back and am very excited about 2013. I just wanted to share a few more pictures of Dani from 2012 because this was one of my favorite sessions of the year.  Enjoy! Be sure to become a fan of Bailey5 Photography on facebook.  Visite our website for pricing and contact information.

I had such a great time shooting Dani's senior portraits.  We got so many great shots that I will have to make this a two part post.  Dani is so beautiful and did not seem to be intimidated by the camera at all.  She is a very talented and creative artist and is also very interested in photography herself.  I have no doubt that she will have a bright future.

I had such a great time with these girls.  It was Devaney's 16th birthday, and she and her girlfriends were ready to have a night out on the town.  Devaney has so much wasn't hard at all to get all of these girl warmed up to the camera.  They were all naturals and had no problem just being themselves and allowing me to capture the moments as they just

You may remember this face from a few months ago.  I took Nekia's senior photos last February...she was beautiful then and even more so on the day of her senior prom.  She and Jamal are such a cute couple and they both looked stunning in their prom attire.  Just a few more days until they both graduate and start a new chapter in their lives.  I wish them the very